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Opus Dent

OpusDent Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets lasers for dental applications. The company is a subsidiary of Lumenis™, world leader in cutting-edge laser and light based technologies for medical and aesthetic applications with more than 30 years of experience and an installed base of more than 60,000 systems. Lumenis was created in 2001 with the merger of ESC Medical Systems Ltd. and Coherent Medical Group. The OpusDent family of dental laser products is powered by pulsed laser technologies, including Er:YAG for hard tissue procedures, CO2 for soft tissue procedures, and diode for soft tissue procedures and tooth whitening. Opus MegaPulse™ and SuperPulse technologies deliver short, high-power bursts of laser energy separated by inactive periods that permit tissue to cool. Energy pulses are accurately delivered by proprietary flexible fiber-optic delivery systems and a range of handpieces and tips permitting the widest possible access. OpusDent delivery systems offer the practitioner superior comfort and maneuverability while providing unmatched reliability and durability. From initial design through clinical support and after-sales service, OpusDent provides practitioners with an integrated approach to laser dental treatment. Our continuing research develops ever-more precise and accurate laser delivery mechanisms. Practitioners gain new skills via comprehensive training and educational materials. OpusDent subsidiaries and distributors are closely attentive to customer needs, while the practitioner feedback they provide helps develop better products. We're proud of our banner line. Because by offering a light-based, quick, less painful, fast-healing alternative for patients of all ages, OpusDent enhances the practice of dentistry and encourages patients to practice better oral hygiene.
Адрес: 100 Morse St.Norwood, Ma 02062 USA
Тел.:001-781 769 5844
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