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12 июня 2002 00:00   |   Philippe Schultz, MDa, Dominique Vautier, PhDb, Johanna Chluba, PhDb, Luc Marcellin, MDc, Christian Debry, MD, PhD*a

Survival analysis of rats implanted with porous titanium tracheal prosthesis

Background. Surgical treatment of a malignancy in the trachea may lead to a long resection that has to be reconstructed with an artificial prosthesis. However, most of the available prostheses encounter inflammatory rejection and mechanical constraint problems. To improve tracheal rehabilitation a porous titanium prosthesis was developed. The aim of this study was to test the biocompatibility of this novel material.
Results. Fibroblast colonization of titanium pores and a ciliary cylindrical epithelial layer developed on the endoluminal side of the prosthesis and the inflammatory reaction was minimal.
Conclusions. The results of this short-term study validate, from surgical and histologic standpoints, the usefulness of a porous titanium tracheal prosthesis.


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