Сегодня 30 ноября 2020
Медикус в соцсетях

LEO Pharma

Founded in 1908, LEO Pharma is an independent, research-based pharmaceutical company. LEO Pharma develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical drugs to dermatologic and thrombotic patients in more than 100 countries globally. To realise our vision of becoming the preferred dermatology care partner improving people’s lives around the world, we are expanding into new regions and markets, reaching more patients and societies with drugs and therapies that address unmet medical needs. 

LEO Pharma has its own sales forces in 61 countries and employs around 5,000 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Denmark and is wholly owned by the LEO Foundation.

Адрес: LEO Pharma A/S headquarters
Industriparken 55
DK-2750 Ballerup
Тел.:+45 44 94 58 88
Факс:+45 72 26 33 21
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