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Olympia Dental began on July 1992 in the State of Illinois. We were the first Limited Health Services Organization to be so licensed in Illinois. We have since grown to insure more than 125000 members and their dependents. Olympia Dental has an extensive network of general practice and specialist office locations. These office locations must be used for all your dental services or dental coverage under these closed-panel Plans will not be provided. We presently have 97 general practice dental offices under contract. In addition to 48 specialist offices, which include: — Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Pedodontists and Periodontists. Our affordable rates start at $168.00 (the Silver Plan) per year for a single individual premium to a max of $318.00 (the Gold Plan) per year for a full family! We have 4 Dental Plans – ASK! Some Plans are even lower in annual costs for individuals and families than you think!
Адрес: Olympia Dental, 940 W.Adams St.Suite #102, Chicago, IL 60607
e-mail:info@olympiadental.com, questions@olympiadental.com
Тел.:800-810-0051, 312-432-0500(information), 312-226-0210(on Sundays
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