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Planmeca Oy

Since 1971, Planmeca Oy, the Finnish parent company of the Planmeca Group, has evolved into the third biggest dental manufacturer in Europe. Planmeca's largest markets are Europe, North America and the Far East. Planmeca currently develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of high technology dental equipment including dental units, patient chairs, intraoral cameras, panoramic, cephalometric and intraoral x-rays, digital panoramic and intraoral imaging devices, as well as advanced multimodal tomographic imaging systems. This equipment can be handled by Planmeca's all in one dental information system. The all in one concept provides an effective and ergonomic way of controlling all digital information relevant to modern dental care. The Dental School of the Catholic University of Portugal is the world's first teaching hospital where clinical teaching and clinical dental procedures rely exclusively on Planmeca's all in one concept. Innovative R&D is the cornerstone of all Planmeca's business activities. The ultimate aim of Planmeca's research and development efforts is to meet customer needs and expectations by taking challenging ideas and turning them into high-tech products of the highest quality. Most of the production units within the Planmeca are ISO 9001 certified and therefore qualify to display the CE Mark on all products sold in Europe. The certificate ensures that all production and customer service functions are continuously evaluated and improved. The Planmeca Group is also proud to support the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard. It is our belief at Planmeca, that our success is firmly based on four key principles: product quality, customer satisfaction, motivated personnel and an ever innovative R&D.
Адрес: Planmeca lies at address - Asentajankatu 6, 00810 Helsinki, Finland
Тел.:+358 9 759 05 500
Факс:+358 9 759 05 555
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