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Orascoptic Research, Inc.

Company History 1981  Orascoptic Research, Inc. was founded by Charles H. Caplan, DDS to «develop and market products that enhance the performance and comfort of dental practitioners.» The first product was the BodyGuard® dental operator's chair, designed to help eliminate the back pain associated with dentistry, and to correct the poor posture dental procedures encourage. 1984  Orascoptic Telescopes were added to complement the BodyGuard operator's chair by providing dramatically improved visualization of the working area, even when the practitioner was sitting back comfortably in the BodyGuard chair. 1988  Initially, Orascoptic «Flip-Up» telescopes were based on an existing optics system; however, in 1988 a completely new line of telescopes was developed, featuring improved optics, a more comfortable eyeglass frame and a new mounting system. New models were added with additional magnification powers and working distances. 1991  Orascoptic Research telescopes were introduced into the medical surgery market and were immediately well-received due to the great depth of field and three dimensional imaging they provided. 1993  New models of the BodyGuard chair and Flip-Up telescopes were introduced. Breakthrough optic designs to further improve the depth and width of field, image resolution, and ease of use of the telescopes were incorporated. 1995  In 1995 the Zeon Illuminator was introduced and the Acuity system was discontinued. The Zeon provides an intense fiber-optic light in an extremely compact, lightweight package that can be combined with Orascoptic Flip-Ups, or used without magnification on a frame or headband. 1996  A Universal Zeon clip was introduced so that Zeon is now able to be mounted to other brands of telescopes, as well as some common consumer eyeglasses. 1996  Orascoptic introduced its first Through-the-Lens (TTL) telescope, a Galilean lens. This new line complemented the company's long-standing line of «Flip-Up» telescopes. 1998  A revolutionary prismatic telescope was developed and introduced in 3.8x, 4.3x and 4.8x powers. This patented system provides the widest fields of vision, sharpest image resolution and lightest weight to date in telescope of this magnification. 1998  To meet the unique demands of our medical customers, Surgical Acuity was created and Orascoptic Research became a division of Surgical Acuity, Inc.
Адрес: Orascoptic Research - 3225 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562
Тел.:800-369-3698, 608-831-2555
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