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Hawe Neos Dental

Hawe Neos Dental was founded by the dentist Dr H. von Weissenfluh in 1934. It was his intention to develop new materials and products in conservative dentistry and the prophylaxis of caries and periodontitis. The desire to expand led in 1968 to the acquisition of Neos, who specialised in the world-wide trade in dental instruments. Today Hawe Neos Dental is amongst the most important companies producing consumer materials for the practising dentist. This is due to the high standard of quality, the broad product range and extensive specialisation. Hawe Neos products are sold throughout Europe and exported world-wide. The company is continually growing this being also due to considerable investment in research and development and close contact with dental schools and their professors.
Адрес: Hawe Neos Dental SA Dr. H.v.Weissenfluh AG CH-6934 Bioggio Schweiz
Тел.:+41 91 610 05 05
Факс:+41 91 610 05 14
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