Сегодня 29 ноября 2020
Медикус в соцсетях


Highly skilled personnel, 60 years of marketing experience, a worldwide distribution network, product quality recognition together with modern manufacturing capacity, packing and logistics have made of LASCOD a point of reference in the dental field. Our knowhow and success in the dental field also allowed us to explore other fields of application such as podiatry, audiology, cosmetics, movie and the mechanical industry. 

Changes always represent positive opportunities. They stimulate us and this is the reason why we have chosen to propose a new image and a revolutionized graphic for all our products.

It's all about a real revolution, which begins  with a more somber packaging design and continues with our commitment to offer positive answers to our customers with an everyday increasing reactiveness.  Innovation is for everyone at LASCOD a synonymous for attention to international markets development with a new management organization ready to satisfy diverse requests from different parts of the world.

We strive for innovation and change while remembering our tradition to achieve a sustainable development of products and technologies. New products and market development, personnel continuos training in and outside LASCOD are our tools to achieve excellence. Our customers will always be the reason of our success.

Адрес: LASCOD Spa - Via Longo, 18 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino - Firenz, Italy
Тел.:+ 39 055 421 57 68
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