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Cross Country Papers (Crosstex)

From a simple beginning in 1953, as a disposable towel/bib manufacturer, Crosstex has steadily grown to become one of the world's leading infection prevention and control entities. Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, Crosstex has become more vertically integrated, manufacturing more than 70% of their products.

As one of the leading healthcare providers of earloop face masks, sterilization packaging, patient towels/bibs and plastic cups, all manufactured in the United States, Crosstex products are sold throughout the world in more than 90 countries. Combine this with 8 strategically located manufacturing/distribution facilities around the world and you begin to understand the broad reach and impact of Crosstex in the healthcare industry.

Crosstex became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. in August, 2005. This relationship has strengthened Crosstex's position in terms of its ability to expand its manufacturing capabilities as well as add to its broad range of products.

Crosstex is ready to write the next chapter in its history and in the continuation of the tradition started by the founding fathers and nurtured by their sons. Along with our loyal customers, our employees and our suppliers, Crosstex will continue to fulfill its role as a global leader of infection prevention/single-use disposable products.

Адрес: 10 Ranick Road Hauppauge, NY 11788
Тел.:631 582 6777, 888 276 7783
Факс:631 582 1726
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