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Медикус в соцсетях


The frasaco GmbH was founded in 1921 by Franz Sachs, a dentist, and is now a globally operating company. At the time, he was considered a very progressive-minded dentist, and was instrumental in the development and fabrication of the first marketable mixed-dentition prosthesis made from Hekolit.

The nineteen-thirties saw the introduction of the first dental practice models with exchangeable teeth, which were used in universities and training centers for dental practitioners and technicians. This made practical training and the learning of preparation and filling techniques possible. The first dummy-head tutorial models, known today under the name phantom head, were introduced in the nineteen-forties. 

These teaching aids quickly began to capture the market, and are now exported to over 120 countries around the world. 

The product range was expanded again in the nineteen-thirties to include dental consumables with the development and fabrication of frasaco Strip Crowns. This item has sustained its market position to the present day, and thanks to repeated recipe modification, is still in great demand as an aid for use in temporary restorations. 

The range of consumable materials has been successfully expanded to make frasaco a recognised supplier in yet another market segment. 

Other successful business lines outside the dental sector, such as orthopaedic articles and high-quality technical parts, are not to be mentioned in detail here. 

This has been a short excursion to the historical roots that make us today’s market leader in our dedication to dental education and dental consumables, a success story which spans frasaco’s eighty year history.

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