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At Unilever we are dedicated to meeting the everyday needs of people everywhere. We provide washing powder, shampoo and toothpaste, teas, ice cream, oils and spreads for consumers all over the world. From the biggest city to the smallest, most remote village, you will find the brands that have made us successful. Look in any home and you will find international favourites such as Dove, Sunsilk and Omo, and Magnum, Lipton and Calve as well as many local brands. Our aim is for our brands to be the first choice for consumers everywhere. Quality is a priority and we don't just mean functional quality. In our foods taste, nutrition and ease-of-use increase enjoyment. The performance, effectiveness and fragrance of our home and personal care brands make the daily routine of cleansing our bodies and cleaning our homes a more pleasurable experience. Our consumers also expect us to fulfil their needs with brands that have low environmental impact. Living up to this expectation challenges us to continuously improve the environmental performance of our process and our brands to achieve sustainable profitable growth. International by design, we have deep roots in many countries. By the very nature of our business we are an integral part of the societies in which we operate. Local companies are predominately run by local people in tune with their communities and who understand their needs and values — a truly multi-local multinational.
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Адрес: Unilever House Blackfriars P O Box 68 London EC4P 4BQ
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