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Медикус в соцсетях


JAKA 80 AD — Radovish is a modern company for production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietetic products, established in Radovish, Republic of Macedonia in 1980. With the transformation of the social capital in 1996, JAKA 80 became a joint-stock company. Today the main shareholder is the company NINI-Nish.

 The company is managed by a Board of Directors which consists of seven directors, six non-executive and one executive-managing director, and headed by its President. 

At the moment the company has 450 employees , a high percent of which are highly educated and specialized personal in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, economics, etc. 

The production process in JAKA 80 is performed in compliance with the GMP standards, and the quality control under the principles of the GLP standards. 

The entire activity of JAKA 80 is computer-backed, based on an independently made software in Oracle. 

JAKA 80 supplies its raw materials from European manufacturers or authorized distributors whose quality is confirmed with European certificates. 

JAKA 80 places its finished products on the home market in R.Macedonia, as well as on foreign markets. At the present moment 60% of the sales are made on the home market and 40% on foreign markets, with a permanent tendency towards export abroad. As for now, our products are placed on the markets in: R.Yugoslavia, R.Croatia, R.Slovenia, the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan , Latvia, Armenia, etc. 

JAKA 80 is in the process of registering its products in neighboring countries such as: R.Albania, R.Bulgaria, as well as in Turkey, the Eastern countries, etc. 

The marketing on the foreign markets is carried out by JAKA 80's branch offices in Zagreb — R.Croatia and Moscow — Russia. The other territories are covered by representative companies in the respective countries.


Адрес: 107078, Москва, Скорняжный пер., 7, корп. 2, кв. 8

Radovish Ankarska 33 Skopje, Macedonia
Тел.:++ 389 2 3094 100
Факс:++ 389 2 3072 382
Виды деятельности:Торгующие